Turning It Around After A Rough Start

It's been a rough start to the 2021 race season at Riverhead Raceway, but we are looking to turn it around starting this week.

When we ended the 2020 season, we started working on the cars immediately. Each one was redone with new front clips. We even switched motor builders on all of the cars, and spent all winter in the shop working on them. We didn't overlook any element with these cars. So, it's not for lack of effort, but there is a missing piece yet to be found at Riverhead Raceway. My team and I will find it, and we will get it right for the rest of the year.

Recently, we have had the car running perfectly and then later in the race, it falls off. No one can control Mother Nature and the cooler weather has hurt us in this way. However, the warmer temperatures are on the way. It is June and we know what will help to turn this year around. We are working to make the necessary changes to see faster laps each and every time.

Be sure to join us on this journey. Stay tuned for more updates right here and on our social channels. Thanks for being a fan. More news to come!

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