The Blue #98 at Evergreen

Do you remember this car? The blue and black No. 98? We haven't raced this car since we won King of the Green in 2016. It has been on the lift in the Outlaw Inc. Shop for five years...until this past weekend.

On Friday, me and a few team members attended an open house event. We were among other fellow drivers and teams from our home track, Riverhead Raceway. Brian, our crew chief, was inspired that evening and decided that we should race the blue car on Sunday at Evergreen Raceway, Pennsylvania. The crew worked on it all day on Saturday, then we loaded it up into the rig and off to PA we went.

Brian's motivation to work on that car and put it back into the racing line-up really meant something because we finished fourth racing the Modifieds! It was a great feeling and awesome day at Evergreen.

Keep an eye out for this car in future races.

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