Latest News: Coors Light & Dave Brigati Team Up for 2022

Updated: Mar 17

Stock Car Fan Nation (SCFN) earlier in 2020 announced partnership with Alpinestars and Dave Brigati, as well as shared additional news from Dave and Outlaw Inc. as one of their featured teams on SCFN’s racing-dedicated social network, The Clubhouse. Now as the 2021 race season is about to begin, Dave Brigati is pleased to announce his partnership with Coors Light.

The No. 98 car will be sporting the Coors Light logo on its wrap for 2021 and Dave has agreed to

be the official fan influencer for the well-known brand of beer through SCFN’s shopping site, The Champion’s Marketplace, where race fans and pros can shop for everything from auto parts to racing gear, clothing and their weekly groceries.

Some interesting facts about Coors Light include that it is the second-best-selling beer in the U.S., shipping over 16.5 million barrels in one year. It’s also among the top 10 best-selling beers in the world, with an estimated 22.6 million barrels sold in a year. Those are impressive numbers!

About SCFN: As the connection point for all things racing – we are creating and advancing the community of fans, drivers, teams, and sponsors through engagement – so together, we all will thrive. Stock Car Fan Nation’s website offers free membership to The Champion’s Marketplace and the SCFN Clubhouse. Premium (or paid) features include: Stock Car Scene Daily, SCFN Speed Dating, and SCFNTV (Speed OnDemand). The goal of SCFN, through the NASCAR Fan community is to solve the problems facing NASCAR’s short tracks as well as give NASCAR fans what they are currently seeking from the sport. SCFN is creating a win, win, win for fans, drivers/teams and brands.

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