Five Ways to Help You Get Into Racing

We're in the literal 'heat' of the 2021 season and even still there are new drivers coming into the sport, entering the track for the first time. I've shared advice before and wanted to circle back to that again.

The team and I have been working hard all season and have encountered ups and downs - with the cars, the weather and all. It takes persistence to succeed as a race car driver, no matter what division or series you race.

Here are five key points to remember as a new driver:

  1. You need strong team support. If you are starting out, you may not require a large race team, but you do need the support and assistance of friends, family and/or those who have experience with the cars as well as the way official racing works. If you've been involved in the racing community, those teammates will not be too hard to find. Best thing to remember here is to be able to trust your team and rely on them, always.

  2. Racing is expensive. It takes a car with the right equipment before you as a driver can even think of heading to the track. You should seek sponsorship. I suggest with sponsors, to start with your own circle and who you know that may own a business or offer a service. Head out into your community. Which places do you frequent? That leads me to the next important tip.

  3. Social media and online presence. Most sponsorship leans heavily on promotion. Promotions come in the form of social media marketing. If you start strong and create a brand for yourself as a driver, you will attract more support. A website can be a hub for this as well, but you'll need social channels to reach out to new audiences first.

  4. Be flexible. With each race, we figure out things that need adjusting within the cars and how we can make it better. Here's where it's important to listen to your team and also be ready to put in the time and effort to work on your car each week.

  5. Have fun! There's no point in racing if you can't enjoy it. Have a positive attitude and be confident.

Have any important tips to add to this list? Please share in the comments below. See you out there!

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