Behind-the-Scenes: Test & Tune Day

We enjoy sharing details from behind the scenes with our team, both in the shop and at the track. Last weekend, we had a great first day back at Riverhead Raceway for Test & Tune Day. If you were wondering what that means, I'm here to share more about it as well as the preparation that leads to practice day.

During the off-season, we take the race cars apart. Using a jig, we check to see if the frame is straight and adjust as needed. It's basically a time to redo whatever is needed on the cars. We replace the suspension, take care of any tin work inside of the car and also repair the outside of the car for appearance and aerodynamics. The motor is reset with springs, bearings and oil lines. All of this requires tuning once in motion.

At the track during Test & Tune, we are shaking the car down, simply put. The set-up is tweaked. We're testing to be sure there are no leaks, loose bolts and of course, pushing our speed and


Additionally to add to the excitement of the day, drivers typically start with old tires and then after pushing through some laps over the winter-roughened track, once it's 'broken in,' new tires will be bolted on and drivers have the potential to run record laps.

We look forward to further practice days at Riverhead Raceway and Evergreen Raceway, both coming up. Have you ever visited a track for Test & Tune Day? If so, leave a comment and let us know your experience watching or racing.

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