Action Packed Weekend at the Track

It was an action packed weekend at Riverhead Raceway, to say the least. We had an early incident during practice with the Late Model and the right front of the car tore off. The team worked hard to repair it for time trials and we just made it in time. We went on to qualify third and finished second in the race! The Modified was fast right out of the trailer, and super fast during practice. During qualifying, we came in fifth in time ranking. During the race, we started fourth, took the lead in seven laps and then the kill switch went bad. In an abundance of caution, we were done for the day.

The guys on the team made the day one of the best ever, no matter the challenges with the cars. I owe the day to them. They truly are the best team. Onward to next week. We'll be ready to chase that win!

Thanks for tuning in and keeping up with our progress each week!

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